Are you ready for the COVID-19 pandemic?

Are you ready for the COVID-19 pandemic?

Don't let this Pandemic get the best of you! 🙅‍♀️😷😵

Tens of thousands of people from the US, Europe and everywhere around the globe are dealing with the surge of this Pandemic. 

It's so easy to start panicking with all the information we are getting, is that tightness in your chest normal? did you just sniffle? are you feeling hot? 

🛑 STOP! 🛑

According to leading doctors in the US, there are a few simple devices that can prepare you and your family. 

Here are the top essential devices you should have:


A pulse oximeter is an electronic device that attaches to patients’ fingers or toes to painlessly assess the saturation of oxygen present within the body’s red blood cells. 

According to officials from Washington state "COVID-19 positive patients are being sent home but they must have a pulse oximeter and thermometer to keep an eye on their vitals"

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When can you stop self-isolating? One great basis is your temperature!

For people suffering from fever, it's important to check that it does not last for more than 72 hours. 

The only best and accurate way to check that is with a professional-grade thermometer. 

Thermometers are quick and easy to use, some models even come equipped with alarms if the temperature is higher than normal!

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These simple devices can be the difference between life and death, so why risk it? 

Arm yourselves with all the necessary precautions and take an active role in keeping yourself and your family healthy!

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